July 21, 2024
  • EURO 24 Final This Week. Who Will Advance from the Sacred Four?

    EURO 2024 semi-final matchups: France vs Spain and England vs Netherlands, showcasing the tournament's logo and match graphics.
    July 8, 2024
    Author: Duku

    Have you placed your bet on your EURO 24 favorite yet?

    EURO 24 is reaching its thrilling conclusion. With only three matches left, the excitement is palpable. Tomorrow and Wednesday, we will witness the intense battles that will determine the two teams that will make it to the highly-anticipated final.

    Can France Stand Up to Spain’s Dominance?

    The first finalist will be revealed tomorrow’s clash between Spain and France. Here at ChampionBet Ghana, we have our favorite. Spain started EURO 24 with a stronger game than any other team, except for Germany, whom they also knocked out. France will have a tough time matching the Spanish team, especially since they only advanced to the semifinals through a penalty shootout against Portugal. Will Kylian Mbappé finally find his form and lead his team to victory despite his injury? France has only scored four goals in EURO 24, all of which were penalties or own goals.

    On the other hand, Spain has ruthlessly eliminated every opponent, including host Germany. Under Luis de la Fuente, Spain has the best winning record since 2023, winning 15 out of 19 matches. We’ll find out how it all ends tomorrow. If you haven’t placed your bet yet, you can do so HERE.

    England vs Netherlands

    On Wednesday, the second crucial battle will take place in Dortmund, where England will face the Netherlands. England knocked out Switzerland on penalties in the quarterfinals after a tough match that went into extra time. Even though there are doubts and negative comments surrounding this year’s England team, they managed to reach the semifinals, which is commendable. Conversely, the Netherlands dealt with Turkey in the final part of the match, securing a place in the EURO semifinals for the first time in 20 years. Wednesday’s match will be a significant battle that will shape the history of European football. You can place your bet on ChampionBet.

    ChampionBet Ghana and EURO 24

    Follow our social media or blog for results from EURO 24 and always get the best information from the football world. The best odds are always available at ChampionBet Ghana.

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