July 21, 2024

Have you noticed the redesign of our Casino section?

News at ChampionBet Online Casino

The quarterfinals of the Champions League and the Europa League wrapped up this week. The 33rd round of the Premier League is coming up this weekend, but more on that tomorrow. Today, let’s circle back to our ChampionBet platform and show you all the recent changes, as you might have noticed something new in the Casino section.

Besides finding a bunch of new bonuses for Aviator and sports betting, we’ve also beautifully redesigned the Casino section. What’s new and what’s changed from what you were used to?

ChampionBet Casino

First off, we’ve revamped the entire Casino section, which is now much more user-friendly and contemporary. Just click on the “Casino” icon on our main page, and you’re right where the action is.

What’s New in the Casino Section

In the top corner, you can use the search box with the magnifying glass to find your favorite slot game quickly and dive straight into play. Above the search engine, you’ll find the category of all our online casino games. Within these categories, you’ll find subcategories that sort the games by providers or by various benefits and styles. If your connection isn’t top-notch, you can choose games in the “Low Data” category under “Slots.” Your gaming on ChampionBet just got a whole lot smoother and more accessible.

Crash Games

In the “Crash Games” section, you can find a breakdown of games by Instant Wins or by the most popular ones.

Live Casino

The “Live Casino” section is sorted by game types, making it easier for you to find your favorite roulette or perhaps Baccarat.

Virtual Games

We’ve categorized “Virtual Games” by sports, racing, and others, among which you’ll find Spin4Win and My Lucky Six.

At ChampionBet, we strive to make every player’s experience fantastic, with nothing missing. That’s why our offer currently includes plenty of bonus actions, which you can read about HERE. Soon, new providers will arrive at our online casino, and you can also look forward to further modern updates that will simplify your fun! Read our blog, and you’ll always be up to date with everything.