July 21, 2024

Have you already noticed that we have a new crash game in our online casino?

Flying Flaming Kiwi in the Exclusive New Crash Game on ChampionBet

At ChampionBet, we already have a considerable collection of great crash games. Aviator, Aviatrix, Crash Royal, or Crash 1917. Whether you love flying in the clouds or into space, you will definitely find your pick here. But now we have another fantastic addition to the crash games category for you, Kiwi Crash, which is exclusively available on our online casino! You won’t find this crash game, created in collaboration with iMoon, anywhere else.

What’s it About? Flying Kiwi in the Desert?

Exactly as you read. Kiwi Crash works on the same principle as all other crash games from iMoon, but instead of a plane, a flaming kiwi flies over the savannah safari and then falls. Your task is to catch it before it falls and multiply your bet amount as much as possible during the flight.

Bet Two Amounts in One Round with Our New Crash Game

Like every other game from iMoon, Kiwi Crash also has the great feature of double-betting at once. This means that before the start of each round, you can place two separate amounts (from 10 GHS to a max of 326.5 GHS) and then cash out each separately during the game. If you feel that you’re taking too much risk but the multiplier is still going up, you can cash out one bet and let the other one fly even higher. When you feel the right moment to win again, you cash out and have two wins in one round!

In the bottom left corner, you’ll find a leaderboard showing the winning bets of the top players from the previous round. You can also get on this leaderboard with your results!

Play Kiwi Crash on ChampionBet Today!

We are incredibly excited about Kiwi Crash. Overall, we have a soft spot for all types of crash games, but Kiwi is very original with its concept and also has a great catchy soundtrack. If you are a registered player on our online casino, nothing stops you from playing our new game, Kiwi Crash, today! Follow our blog, and you’ll always have the latest news at our ChampionBet casino in Ghana.