July 21, 2024

Bayern Munich is heading to the Volkswagen Arena. Will they secure another victory?

Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

Last week, we were hit by the wave of the 6th round of the Europa League and the Premier League, with Liverpool FC vs Manchester United ending in a draw. If you’re on the lookout for another interesting spectacle, we’ve got a busy Bundesliga match for you today, kicking off at 20:30 at the Volkswagen Arena.

Bayern Munich take on VfL Wolfsburg. Munich traditionally have the upper hand, but at ChampionBet Ghana, we certainly don’t underestimate the home team, who might just use their home advantage to their benefit. They may have last won against Bayern in 2015, but who knows.

Key Betting Information

Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga headliner, have dominated past encounters, but Wolfsburg never give up. The Wolves score 44% of their goals in the crucial window between the 31st and 45th minutes – the most in the league. However, they seem to have a minor lull between the 46th and 60th minutes, when they, in turn, score the fewest goals in the league.

Bayern, on the other hand, deliver late blows, with 25% of their goals coming between the 76th and 90th minutes. Bayern’s goal machine, Harry Kane, has already scored 18 goals! In contrast, Wolfsburg’s top scorer, Jonas Wind, has 9 goals. Will Harry match Jonas in today’s game?

Betting with Juice

Wolfsburg hasn’t fared very well in recent games, having lost 3 games in a row, and their difficulty in scoring in 1 of their 7 home games this year doesn’t inspire much betting confidence. At ChampionBet, we’re leaning more towards Bayern Munich this time around, but you never know.

A bet on Bayern leading at halftime could be a great option, given that they win the first half in 50% of their games. Of course, a bet on Harry Kane to score might not be entirely out of the question either. But remember, the final decision on the tics is yours and yours alone!

Get Ready for a Bundesliga Experience!

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