July 21, 2024

Who’s Making It to the FA Cup Final?

Man City and Chelsea are battling for a spot in the FA Cup final.

It’s been a week full of huge football matches ending in surprising ways, and now we’re looking ahead to the big semifinals of Champions League and Europa League at the turn of April and May. But let’s not jump ahead too fast – let’s take a look at England, where some pretty important matches are happening today.

The FA Cup kicks off at 6:15 PM!

First up, it’s the 34th round of the Premier League, but lots of today’s games have been moved around, mainly because of the FA Cup semifinals, starting at 6:15 PM European time at Wembley Stadium.

Man City’s Defeat in the Champions League

Sadly, Manchester City faced a home defeat against Real Madrid in the Champions League quarterfinals this Wednesday. So, Pep Guardiola’s team won’t be bagging a treble like last year, but no worries, Man City is still one of the strongest teams in football today, and the match against Real Madrid was another great show. You could see the players on both teams were really tired from the long game that finally ended with Real Madrid winning on penalties.

Is Chelsea in Top Form?

Today, Man City has the chance to up their game against West London’s Chelsea in the FA Cup. As the oldest domestic cup competition heads towards the final, we at ChampionBet are keen to see which of today’s two teams will make it there. Even though Man City has been playing some top-notch football, let’s not forget Chelsea’s smashing 6:0 win over Everton on Monday – they are on a roll!

Historically, in the last 8 matches between Manchester City and Chelsea, the Cityzens haven’t lost once. But, Chelsea hasn’t lost any of their last 8 matches either. Man City now has a slight setback from their loss to Real Madrid. Which team are you betting on today? We at ChampionBet are leaning towards Manchester City, but we can’t guarantee any outcomes. You can make your bet for today’s match HERE.

Keep Going Tomorrow with ChampionBet

The FA Cup semifinals continue tomorrow, with Coventry City facing Manchester United. Will this year’s FA Cup final be a Manchester derby, or will Chelsea and Coventry City throw us a curveball? For more info from the world of the Premier League, Champions League, and other prestigious football leagues, follow our blog regularly!