July 21, 2024

Will you catch all the winning lines today?

Futurism meets classic in Turbo Slot 81.

How are you enjoying our newly redesigned ChampionBet casino section? We hope everything’s to your liking and that it’s easier for you to get to your favorite slots or crash games. We’ve neatly sorted everything by the most played games or by providers. Fancy Apollo Games? Cool, just click on the Apollo Games category and all their slots are right there for you. And speaking of Apollo, why not take a look at one of our favorite slot machines, Turbo Slot 81, today?

Favorite Fruits in a Robotic Sector

Turbo Slot 81 is an online slot game with a fruity theme, but with a robotic or futuristic twist. It comes with 4 reels, 3 rows, and 81 winning lines. At the ChampionBet online casino, you can start betting from as little as 0.50 GHS to 300 GHS per spin. The slot’s RTP is around 95%, and it’s a whole lot of endless fun.

Symbols in Turbo Slot 81

In the game, you’ll come across 8 classic symbols, with the blue diamond being the most lucrative, followed by the BAR and then the red seven. Fruit symbols are a winning classic, so it’s a good idea to focus primarily on the first three mentioned and try your luck.

Bonus Features

The game is designed to be straightforward and fast-paced. There aren’t many bonus symbols, but you surely won’t miss the beloved WILD (turbo robot), which helps you convert a winning line in your favor, and it has a few more tricks up its sleeve. During play, you might also encounter the MULTIPLIER symbol, which will boost your winnings – if you hit a winning line with a MULTIPLIER symbol present, your win will be doubled. If two symbols show up on the winning line, you’ll get four times the stake, and with three MULTIPLIER symbols, you take six times the staked win.

WILD Symbol

The Wild comes in 3 different variants. The Spready modifier can expand the WILD symbol to cover an entire reel. The Replacement modifier causes WILD to replace any other symbol on the playfield. The Rotation symbol then mixes everything up, increasing your chances of winning.

Turbo Slot 81 at ChampionBet

You’ll always find the best from the world of the most-played slots at our online casino. Turbo Slot 81 is one of our favorites in the Apollo Games category. Give it a go and see for yourself. Of course, you can first try the game for free to see if it’s as much of a hit for you as it is for us. Keep an eye on our blog regularly to stay informed about the world of casino games and football betting!

Have you played the neon game Midnight Fruit 81 by Apollo Games?

Neon Fruit Classic Midnight Fruit 81 at ChampionBet

In our ChampionBet online casino, you’ll find fun and adrenaline whatever the weather. If you like to play, just like we do, you’ll certainly appreciate that with us you’ll find a huge selection of online slots from all possible developers you can think of. With us, simply everyone will choose. However, there are slots that belong to the list of the most popular, and today we will introduce one of them closer. Are you ready? Then read on!

Today we’re going to talk about the Midnight Fruit 81 slot from the popular developers Apollo Games, who adorn their games to the last detail and bonus. You can read more about the developers themselves in our recent article HERE. Come and dive into the world of neon fruit with us!

Just as we write, Midnight Fruit 81 boasts a classic fruit theme, but in a neon-glowing coat, which makes the slot just that unique and popular. The machine has a total of 4 reels, 3 rows, and as the name itself suggests, 81 winning lines, which is not so bad, right?

Neon Ride

On a night ride with Midnight Fruit 81, you can come across neon watermelons, bananas, cherries, or maybe lemons. To get a win for them, you need to catch 4 of the same symbols in a row, but it often happens that if you hit one combination, you’ll hit more thanks to the large number of winning lines.

And What About Bonus Features?

Even though the developers at Apollo Games often create slots with lots of different bonus features, at Midnight Fruit 81 they bet on simplicity, which makes sense thanks to the fruit theme. In Midnight Fruit, we find only 1 special symbol, which is the classic WILD (Midnight Fruit 81 logo) and helps you to form a winning line to your advantage.

Special Cashback Bonus

There is only one bonus symbol here, but in the background of everything, there is still a Cashback bonus, thanks to which you can get back some of your lost money. How does it work? It triggers completely randomly and after a certain period of playing. All the money you get back thanks to it will be credited to your account after the game ends. 

Midnight Fruit 81 can be a great choice if you love fruit classics but are looking for something innovative. On ChampionBet, Midnight Fruit 81 is one of the most popular slots, so try it out today!

Do you have a favourite Apollo slot at our online casino?

Apollo Games at ChampionBet

Over the past few months, we have been trying to feature as many top game developers as possible on our ChampionBet blog, whose slots enrich our online casino. After the well-known developer Pragmatic Play, today we present Apollo Games, a studio that hails from the Czech Republic. Their games are synonymous with innovation and creativity in the world of online gaming entertainment.

Founded in 2007, Apollo Games immediately became one of the technological pioneers in the gaming world. You can find their video lottery terminals (VLTs) and online games in various gaming venues and casinos across Africa and Europe. Focusing on innovative game mechanics and original slot graphics has secured Apollo Games a prominent place in the market.

Varied Range of Casino Games

As pioneers in innovation and creativity, Apollo’s game selection boasts a wide variety of unique and original slots. Have you won a million times on cherries, melons, or sevens and want a change? Fine, the Apollo Games offer at our online casino includes original titles like Blood Revival, Gangster World, Mad Mechanic Deluxe, and RUR.

World Awards

The quality and innovation of Apollo Games are confirmed by numerous certifications from Gaming Labs International, one of the most prominent gaming testing companies in the industry.

We’ve also prepared three Apollo picks that are very popular at our ChampionBet casino. Are you ready to dive into endless fun with ChampionBet and Apollo Games?

Midnight Fruit

The popular online slot introduces a fresh neon design with 4 reels, 3 rows, and 81 paylines. Special features such as the WILD symbol and Cashback bonus enhance winning chances while offering the opportunity to recover some of your lost money. It’s a fantastic upgrade for those who love fruit slots but seek something new.

Bonus Joker 2

A classic fruit game with 3 reels and 5 paylines, where Joker and Bonus Joker act as WILD symbols. The Bonus Joker can trigger a free spins round, heightening the game’s overall excitement.

Mad Mechanic Deluxe

Fancy lead, metal structures, and ruthless fighters? The steampunk theme of the Mad Mechanic Deluxe slot can engage players for hours of fun. With 5 reels and 5 paylines, it aids in securing big wins! Special WILD and SCATTER symbols can grant up to 30 free spins, and that’s definitely worthwhile.

For more information from the online casino world, follow our ChampionBet blog regularly to stay informed! Additionally, we deliver regular updates from the football world, where something exciting is happening every day!

Are you ready to win today with the mysterious slot from Apollo Games?

Explore the Enigma of Mystery Apollo II Slot from Apollo Games

Mysteries and secrets always capture human attention. The developers at Apollo Games know this rule all too well, and so do we at ChampionBet. That’s why today, from our online casino offerings, we’ve prepared the popular slot game Mystery Apollo II for you, which plays almost by itself.

Fruit Classic or Unique Slot?

Sure, you still need to control the crazy game and spin the reels, but its fun factor is beyond our satisfaction, making Mystery Apollo II one of our favorites. The slot has 3 reels, 3 rows, and 27 paylines, which at first glance might remind you of a classic fruit slot machine. However, thanks to its bonus features, it quickly shows that it’s much more than just an ordinary fruit slot. With features like Multiplier, Respin, and Mystery, it truly gains its mysterious charm. Let’s describe the features right away!

Bonus Features

What’s the Starting Bet for Mystery Apollo II?

You can start betting from 0.50 to 300 GHS. Besides the bonus symbols described above, the game also features classic fruit symbols as well as red sevens and bells, which bring big wins if you hit them right.

Mystery Apollo II from Apollo Games is a unique fruit classic slot machine with a proper dose of spice. If you’re looking for something that won’t stop entertaining you after 10 minutes of play, Mystery Apollo II might be your choice for today’s gaming. In our casino offer, you’ll find more great slots from the developer Apollo Games. Just choose and start playing! For more information from the world of online casino games or football betting, follow our ChampionBet blog regularly.