July 21, 2024

Have you placed your bet on your EURO 24 favorite yet?

EURO 24 is reaching its thrilling conclusion. With only three matches left, the excitement is palpable. Tomorrow and Wednesday, we will witness the intense battles that will determine the two teams that will make it to the highly-anticipated final.

Can France Stand Up to Spain’s Dominance?

The first finalist will be revealed tomorrow’s clash between Spain and France. Here at ChampionBet Ghana, we have our favorite. Spain started EURO 24 with a stronger game than any other team, except for Germany, whom they also knocked out. France will have a tough time matching the Spanish team, especially since they only advanced to the semifinals through a penalty shootout against Portugal. Will Kylian Mbappé finally find his form and lead his team to victory despite his injury? France has only scored four goals in EURO 24, all of which were penalties or own goals.

On the other hand, Spain has ruthlessly eliminated every opponent, including host Germany. Under Luis de la Fuente, Spain has the best winning record since 2023, winning 15 out of 19 matches. We’ll find out how it all ends tomorrow. If you haven’t placed your bet yet, you can do so HERE.

England vs Netherlands

On Wednesday, the second crucial battle will take place in Dortmund, where England will face the Netherlands. England knocked out Switzerland on penalties in the quarterfinals after a tough match that went into extra time. Even though there are doubts and negative comments surrounding this year’s England team, they managed to reach the semifinals, which is commendable. Conversely, the Netherlands dealt with Turkey in the final part of the match, securing a place in the EURO semifinals for the first time in 20 years. Wednesday’s match will be a significant battle that will shape the history of European football. You can place your bet on ChampionBet.

ChampionBet Ghana and EURO 24

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Current News and Matches from EURO 24!

Does France Still Have the Same Chance to Win EURO 24?

The group stages of EURO 24 are in full swing, and some teams are already facing some challenges. In the case of France, it’s a significant setback as their key player, Kylian Mbappé, sustained a serious injury, breaking his nose during Monday’s match against Austria. Despite this, France showed their resilience, managing to control the game and secure a 1-0 victory, joining the Netherlands at the top of Group D. If you’re yet to secure your ticket for this year’s EURO 24 matches, you can place your bets on ChampionBet Ghana right now!

Kylian Mbappé with a Broken Nose

Let’s go back to Kylian, who is considered one of the best football players in the world. In many ways, France is viewed as the main favorite to win this year’s EURO. However, Kylian Mbappé is the captain of France, which means his absence from the upcoming match against the Netherlands is a slight disadvantage. The Netherlands certainly won’t mind. The match between France and the Netherlands will take place on Friday and will be crucial for advancing from the group stage. Kylian will not participate in this match. It all depends on how his nose heals. If everything goes well, he might participate in Tuesday’s match against Poland.

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Got your bet ready for today’s Champions League final?

Tonight: Real Madrid Battles Dortmund for Champions’s Crown

Most of the major football leagues have their winners for this season. Manchester City has claimed the Premier League title for the fourth consecutive time, and the Europa League ended with an unexpected result when Atalanta BC defeated Bayer Leverkusen 3:0. However, the big matches aren’t over yet, as we still have EURO 2024 starting in two weeks in Germany. But first, we move on to the highly anticipated Champions League final tomorrow at 9:00 PM CET.

Borussia Dortmund with Huge Motivation and Endurance

At Wembley Stadium in London, Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid will face German side Borussia Dortmund. Few would have expected this pairing at the early stages of this Champions League season, but here we are. Dortmund showed relentless endurance in their last match against PSG, where they faced high pressure from the Ligue 1 champions but still managed to advance to the final. Dortmund is aiming for their second Champions League title, their first since 1997. In 2013, they lost the final at Wembley to their German counterpart, Bayern Munich. Having lost only once in this season’s Champions League, they enter today’s final with high hopes for a victory. Will Marco Reus and Mats Hummels be the stars of today’s match? You can bet on Borussia Dortmund HERE.

Real Madrid Continues to Collect Trophies

Real Madrid will try to claim their 15th European title in today’s match. They beat Bayern Munich in the semi-finals and are regarded as one of the strongest teams in Europe. Coach Carlo Ancelotti is aiming for his fifth victory in the competition, which would be a record for any coach. Toni Kroos will be playing his last game before retiring from club football, which could be a huge motivation to leave with the best possible result. Kroos has been a pivotal player for Real Madrid, especially in the Champions League. Bet on Real Madrid in the Champions League final HERE.

A victory for Dortmund would be a significant achievement for the team. Real Madrid is on a trophy-collecting spree and could also claim a treble this season. Watch today’s final with ChampionBet Ghana! On our blog, you’ll always get the most crucial information!

Do you have your favorite for tonight’s Europa League Final?

Tonight Decides the Europa League Champion!

All football leagues are gradually wrapping up. Manchester City celebrates its fourth consecutive Premier League title, and Bayer Leverkusen has clinched the Bundesliga. Still on the agenda are the Champions League and the Europa League, which sees its thrilling finale tonight at 9 PM CET in Dublin. Who will emerge as this year’s Europa League champion? Have you got your bet ready for tonight’s match?

Undefeated Leverkusen Heads to the Europa League Final

Lots of drama, strength, and great football—that’s how this season’s Europa League, which culminates tonight, can be described. Bayer Leverkusen is heading to Aviva Stadium to add a second trophy to their impressive season, potentially completing a treble. Under Xabi Alonso’s management, Leverkusen has transformed into a champion team, unbeaten in 51 consecutive matches. With a record 49 matches already under their belt, they are likely aiming for their 52nd tonight. But today, there’s more at stake. If Bayer Leverkusen wins, they’ll secure their second title of the year and claim the Europa League championship.

Italians Eyeing the European Title

On the other hand, a determined Atalanta BC arrives in Dublin to compete in their first Europa League final. After dispatching Marseille in the semifinals and knocking out the new Portuguese champions Sporting and Premier League giant Liverpool, La Dea can dream of claiming glory in their first-ever European final.

The club from Bergamo, now the eleventh Italian team to reach the final stage, could become the first Serie A team to win the Europa League—if they can overcome one of Europe’s most formidable current teams.

Last weekend, Atalanta kept another clean sheet, defeating Lecce 2:0 after a crucial victory over Roma. The striker, Charles De Ketelaere and Gianlucca Scamacca, ensured victory at Via del Mare, securing a top-five finish and a coveted return to the Champions League.

Bet with ChampionBet

Betting on tonight’s Europa League final might not seem straightforward. Although Leverkusen has been unstoppable and certainly doesn’t plan to lose today, Atalanta could come with a fearless attitude and snatch the trophy as well. Bet according to your instincts! You can bet on tonight’s Europa League final at ChampionBet Ghana!

Will Man City Clinch the Title in Today’s Match?

Decisive Tottenham Hotspur vs Man City Clash

We’re back in the thick of the English Premier League action, which will crown this season’s champion this coming Sunday. The favorites are set, and the final matches are on the horizon. Arsenal leads the table with 86 points, closely followed by Manchester City with 85 points. Liverpool drew with Aston Villa 3:3 yesterday, thus losing any claim to the title regardless of other results. The last matchday of the Premier League is this Sunday, but before that, makeup games from the 34th round are happening today and tomorrow.

Key Match in the EPL Table

Manchester City is heading to Tottenham Hotspur’s home ground in North London. The game starts at 9:00 PM CET, and the title of Pep Guardiola’s squad is almost decided. A win for Man City will put them ahead in the EPL table before the final round this Sunday. They would then just need another win at their home ground, the Etihad Stadium, against West Ham to secure the title. Tottenham thus holds today’s game in their hands, potentially aiding Arsenal if they win and if the Gunners beat Everton on Sunday. Who will take the title this year? You can still place your bets on ChampionBet!

Tottenham’s Return to Form

Although Tottenham hasn’t shown great performances in recent matches, they managed a 2:1 victory against Burnley in their last game (confirming Burnley’s relegation from the Premier League). The players are geared up for a win and won’t let Man City have an easy victory. They also want to prove to their fans that they are still formidable at home, as historically, they have a better record in home matches against Manchester – winning 18 of the last 29 encounters, with three draws and eight wins for Manchester.

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Can You Guess Who Will Win This Year’s Premier League?

Manchester City Battles Arsenal for the Top Spot in the Premier League

We’re back with our beloved English Premier League, and the season is reaching its climax. Arsenal, the long-standing leader, is being fiercely pursued by Manchester City, who are just one point behind. The tension is palpable as Liverpool, five points adrift, face an uphill battle to claim the top spot. With this weekend’s matches and the final 38th round on Sunday, May 19, along with three more games on Tuesday and Wednesday, the excitement is set to reach fever pitch.

Manchester City Could Overtake Arsenal

The first match kicks off today at 13:30 CET at Fulham’s home stadium, where they host the formidable Manchester City. If Man City wants to win the Premier League, they need to win this match. Otherwise, Arsenal could relax a bit. But Erling Haaland is back in top form (7 goals in the last two matches), and he surely wants to keep scoring. Can Fulham keep up with his pace? You can bet on the match HERE.

Crucial Match for Arsenal at Old Trafford

Another tough challenge for Arsenal will be Sunday’s match against Manchester United at Old Trafford. If City wins against Fulham, Arsenal will automatically be in second place before their game starts, which could pump up their adrenaline even more. Arsenal is keeping clean sheets and thus supporting David Raya’s ambitions for the Golden Glove. After a humiliating 0:4 loss to Crystal Palace, Manchester United will be trying to redeem their reputation and keep their hopes for European competition alive. You can bet on the match HERE.

Tottenham and Aston Villa Battle for the Champions League

Tottenham faces Burnley today and will want to bounce back from their loss to Liverpool last Sunday, keeping their chances of qualifying for the Champions League alive. The last match of the 37th round will take place at Aston Villa’s home stadium, where they host Liverpool to decide who truly has what it takes. Liverpool will want to keep Klopp’s final games on a winning streak, and Aston Villa will also be fighting for a spot in the Champions League. You can bet on the matches HERE.

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Who will reach the Europa League final?

The second round of the Europa League semifinals starts today at 9 PM!

We already know what the Champions League final looks like, but what about the Europa League? We’ll find out tonight! Have you picked your favorite for today’s bets? You can always find the best odds at ChampionBet!

Atalanta BC vs. Olympique Marseille

The lights at Atalanta BC’s home stadium in Italy are on, waiting for Marseille’s arrival. The first match in France ended in a 1:1 draw, setting the stage for a balanced return match tonight. Atalanta is riding a three-game winning streak and returns to their fortress, where they are nearly unbeatable. In contrast, Marseille hasn’t managed to showcase their football prowess in their last five away matches, though they remain unbeaten in their recent games.

Our favorite is Atalanta BC, who even managed to beat Liverpool at home. Who’s your favorite for this match? You can place your bets HERE.

Bayer Leverkusen vs. AS Roma

In Germany, another big match awaits us. The Bundesliga champions Bayer Leverkusen will host AS Roma, who they beat 2:0 last week, giving them a significant advantage. However, Roma hasn’t lost in their previous four away matches, and they might continue that trend today, potentially spoiling Leverkusen’s winning streak if they’re lucky.

Not only does Leverkusen dominate at home under Xabi Alonso’s leadership, but they have also shown their prowess across all European pitches, remaining unbeaten in their last 28 home matches. We slightly see Leverkusen making it to the Europa League final. What about you? You can bet on the game HERE.

The European Championship is coming up!

All seasons are gradually drawing to a close, with tension and anticipation everywhere. Fortunately, the end is not yet here, and next month, we look forward to the European Football Championship hosted by Germany. Follow our ChampionBet blog and stay informed about all things football, betting, and casino games!

Can you guess the second finalist of the Champions League?

Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich in the final Champions League semifinal match

Despite PSG ruling their home ground at Parc des Princes and starting the Champions League semifinal with several great opportunities, they lacked precision and dominance. Believe it or not, Borussia Dortmund played brilliantly and maintained a solid defense, and early in the second half, Julian Brandt delivered a corner kick straight to Hummels’ head, resulting in the decisive goal. During the semifinal match in Paris, this was the only goal scored, sending BVB to the grand finale at Wembley!

We already have one finalist, but tonight, a highly anticipated match awaits at the Santiago Bernabéu, home to Real Madrid. The German giants, Bayern Munich, who drew 2:2 with Madrid in the first semifinal at the Allianz Arena, are heading there.

Real Madrid defends home turf

Real Madrid’s coach, Carlo Ancelotti, believes they could have played better in the first match and aims to rectify this in tonight’s home game in front of the Spanish fans. On the other side, Thomas Tuchel of Bayern takes an optimistic view. He claims that Santiago Bernabéu is one of the toughest places to win but still sees it as a 50-50 chance.

The Spanish title is secured

Over the weekend, Real Madrid secured their 36th Spanish title by defeating Cádiz 3:0. They didn’t dive into big celebrations because a crucial Champions League match awaits them today. Moreover, Madrid has lost only two of their 49 competitive matches this season and will see the return of Dani Carvajal from a suspension due to a yellow card in today’s match.

Does Bayern Munich stand a chance today?

Bayern Munich still has several players out sick, and their situation looks uncertain. The odds favor Real Madrid, who aim to add another Champions League trophy to their collection. Will you bet on Real or Bayern today? Place your bets HERE.

The semifinal battles aren’t over yet! Tomorrow brings the second leg of the Europa League semifinals! Keep following our ChampionBet blog to stay updated on all the latest from the world of sports betting, football, and casino games in Ghana.

A crucial night for the first qualifier to the Champions League final. Who will it be?

PSG hosts BVB in tonight’s decisive Champions League match!

The moment has arrived. Borussia Dortmund has crossed the French borders and is heading straight for the Parc des Princes in Paris. The German sharpshooters are arriving in France with a one-goal lead and only a well-played 90 minutes stand between them and a spot in the Champions League final. Although BVB could have done better before their first Champions League semifinal match against PSG, their home victory has turned the tables, and they demolished Augsburg 5:1 in the Bundesliga last Sunday. We are in for an exciting game tonight, and we at ChampionBet are eager to see how it all unfolds.

PSG aiming to rectify their first Champions League match

The Ligue 1 champions PSG have a chance tonight to make amends for their first semifinal loss in the Champions League. Many missed opportunities at Dortmund’s home ground proved fatal, but all is not lost. They also unexpectedly turned the score around against Barcelona with a 4:1 victory, and they have the massive support of their fans at their home stadium, Parc des Princes, today.

Predicting a favorite for tonight’s match is a tough call, but for us, it’s still PSG, who will want to protect their home ground at all costs. The precision of Kylian Mbappé’s shooting is a force to be reckoned with. Or will Borussia Dortmund arrive as the terminator to claim their spot in the Champions League final? The suspense is high, and we’ll find out all this tonight at 9:00 PM European time. You can place your bets on the match HERE.

The Champions League is nearing its grand finale at Wembley!

Tomorrow continues! We will tally up and find out who will battle for the Champions League trophy at Wembley Stadium in London. Follow our ChampionBet blog regularly, and you will get all the information from the world of top football leagues, betting, and casino games in Ghana!

Will Arsenal stay on top, or will Manchester City overtake them?

Changes during the 36th round of the Premier League

Across Europe, the semifinals of significant football competitions are underway, with decisions on which teams will defend their positions in the finals happening next week. However, last night, the 36th round of the Premier League began with the Luton Town vs. Everton match as the season nears its end. Today, our focus at ChampionBet is on major matches impacting the ongoing dynamics among the top three teams in the Premier League table.

Arsenal still leads the Premier League Table

Arsenal continues to control the Premier League with a clear 80 points. Manchester City is close behind with 79 points, and Liverpool is slightly lagging in the third spot. Today at 13:30, Arsenal faces Bournemouth at their home ground, Emirates Stadium, which should not pose a significant challenge. Arsenal has won their last six matches against Bournemouth, and this trend seems likely to continue today. Will the Gunners maintain their lead after this weekend’s 36th round of the Premier League? You can bet on the match HERE.

At 18:30, Manchester City welcomes Wolverhampton Wanderers at their home stadium, which should not be a challenging task, considering that Man City is among the best football teams in the world. In the last 14 matches between Man City and Wolves, City has won eight times, there were two draws, and Wolves won four times. Wolverhampton Wanderers last won at Manchester’s home ground in 2019. You can bet on the match HERE.

Latest news: Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden has won the Football Writers’ Association (FWA) Footballer of the Year award in England. He received 42% of the votes, putting him ahead of Arsenal’s Declan Rice.

Sunday’s battle to return to the top

This Sunday, the 36th round of the Premier League will offer three matches, with the most crucial taking place at Anfield, where Liverpool hosts Tottenham Hotspur. Let’s be honest: Liverpool has the upper hand in this match and should capitalize on it if they want to climb to the second or first spot in the Premier League Table. Football can end in many ways, so we don’t want to make any predictions in advance, especially since we remember how Liverpool got beaten 0-3 at home by Italian Atalanta BC in the quarterfinals of the Europa League. Historically, Liverpool has the upper hand over Tottenham, but will this continue in the 36th round of the Premier League? You can bet on the match HERE.

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Who will secure their Europa League lead in today’s games?

First Round of the Europa League Semifinals in Marseille and Rome

The first rounds of the Champions League semifinals are successfully behind us, and as usual, we now turn to the Europa League semifinals, which promise to be at least as interesting. Have you already set up your bet for today’s Europa League matches or the overall winner who will defend the title? 

Marseille vs Atalanta

In the first match, we move to the legendary Stade Vélodrome, where home team Marseille will host the Italian Atalanta. After a dramatic quarterfinal against Benfica, Marseille is trying to reach the top again and defend the European title. The French strategy will rely on using the home stadium advantage to secure a significant lead, as if Atalanta wasn’t daunted by Liverpool, will they be intimidated by Marseille?

Under the guidance of coach Gian Piero Gasperini, Atalanta arrives in France in confident mood, thanks to their recent successes in both the Europa League and Serie A. The match kicks off at 21:00 Central European Time, and you can place your bets HERE.

AS Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen

The champions of this year’s Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen, are heading to Italy’s capital under the leadership of Xabi Alonso, aiming for the Europa League title. Xabi has turned Leverkusen into an unbeatable winning machine, and it’s intriguing to see if this will continue today. Leverkusen’s tactical flexibility and high-octane attack prove their dominance across Europe.

Many might have thought AC Milan would handle Roma, but the opposite proved true, and Roma is now in the Europa League semifinals. Can coach Daniele De Rossi steer his team to the Europa League final?

Champion Arena at ChampionBet Ghana

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Who Will You Bet on Today: Dortmund or PSG?

Borussia Dortmund Defends Home Turf Against PSG in the Champions League

The first semifinal match of the Champions League between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid ended in a 2:2 draw. It was an intense match that initially seemed to favor the home team due to the pressure they applied from the start, but Real managed to hold on for a draw. Harry Kane and Leroy Sané scored, but let’s see how the German giants will perform next week on the Spanish pitches. Let’s shift our focus to today because the French Ligue 1 champions, PSG, are heading to Signal-Iduna-Park to clash with Borussia Dortmund.

Borussia Dortmund vs. Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League Semifinal

As mentioned, PSG have clinched their twelfth Ligue 1 title effortlessly, especially after Monaco lost in Lyon, ending their chances of winning. With spirits high, Paris Saint-Germain travels to Germany, solely focused on conquering the Champions League. Their dramatic quarterfinal turnaround against Barcelona, following Ronald Araújo’s red card, was a spectacle. How will they fare today against BVB?

BVB’s Semifinal Appearance After Years

Borussia Dortmund reaches the Champions League semifinal for the first time since the 2012/2013 season when Jürgen Klopp led them to the final, where they lost to their German rivals, Bayern Munich. The future looks promising, but their recent Bundesliga preparations against PSG haven’t been very reassuring. Their last match against the champions Bayer Leverkusen ended in a draw, and the one before that was a heavy 4:1 defeat to RB Leipzig. The mental states of both teams are polar opposites today. Dortmund boasts at least 10 unbeaten home matches in the Champions League, yet they have only beaten PSG once in their last six encounters.

Bet on Today’s Champions League Match with ChampionBet

Our favorite for today’s Champions League match is Paris Saint-Germain, although we believe Borussia Dortmund will give their all. Whose side are you on today? You’ll always find the best odds and football betting options at ChampionBet. Follow our blog to stay at the heart of all sporting action!

Who will take the lead in the first match of the Champions League semifinals?

Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid in the semifinals at Allianz Arena

The games are getting serious. The English teams are out, and the Champions League semifinals are starting. Bayern Munich fought their way through Arsenal at their home ground, and Real Madrid beat Manchester City in a dramatic penalty shootout at Etihad Stadium. The Bundesliga title is out of Bayern’s reach, which might be the last push for coach Thomas Tuchel, who is leaving Munich after this season. Will he lead his team to defend their Champions League title? We’ll see tonight…

Allianz Arena lights up tonight for possibly the last or second-to-last time this Champions League season, depending on whether Bayern Munich can stand up to the four-time champions of this prestigious European competition. Real Madrid currently leads La Liga comfortably with a 13-point lead over second-place Girona. With the domestic title nearly secured, they can fully focus on tonight’s Champions League duel. They also come off a thrilling 3-2 El Clasico victory over Barcelona.

Harry Kane against the world

Real Madrid has not lost in any of their last 18 matches. However, it’s worth noting that Bayern Munich won their last encounter by two goals. What will happen tonight? Playing at home, Bayern is missing a few key players like J. Musiala, M. De Ligt, L. Sané, and K. Laimer due to injuries. Thomas Tuchel will surely rely on his superstar striker Harry Kane, who scored his 400th goal in Saturday’s match against Frankfurt.

Bayern will definitely have great support at their home ground. Real Madrid will need to deploy their Spanish mastery to reach the Champions League final. Both teams are among the best, so it’s tough to predict who will make it to the final against PSG or Borussia Dortmund.

Bet on Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid at ChampionBet

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Who’s your pick for this season’s Premier League champion?

The Battle Among the Top Three Leaders of the Premier League Table

The adrenaline is pumping in all teams after the weekend’s 35th round of the Premier League. With only 3 games left for each team, speculation is brewing about who will truly take home this year’s title. Liverpool had been at the top for a long time, but the past month hasn’t been kind to them, and their performance has been slipping. Their Saturday match against West Ham ended in a 2-2 draw, which saw a bit of a tiff between scorer Mo Salah and coach Jürgen Klopp right on the pitch. According to coach Klopp, the matter has been resolved and he doesn’t wish to discuss it further. Salah commented that if he had to talk about it “there would be fire.Liverpool remains in third place in the EPL table with 75 points.

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Arsenal

Sunday witnessed a very dramatic game labeled “The North London Derby”, which Arsenal managed to win by the skin of their teeth. The Gunners led the entire game, even hitting a 3-0 lead against Tottenham, but in the second half, the Spurs woke up and managed to slot two goals against Arsenal. Luckily, the Gunners kept the last part of the match under control and the total score ended at 3-2. Arsenal stays at the top position of the Premier League table with a clean 80 points.

Nottingham Forest Vs. Manchester City

From the get-go, it was kind of clear that Man City would bag this game. But once the match started, it wasn’t immediately the performance we’ve come to expect from City. Nottingham didn’t play badly at all, just failed to capitalize on many chances they had (like if Chris Wood had hit the ball in front of the empty net). Manchester kicked off the scoring with a header from Joško Gvardiol and in the second half, Erling Haaland came back onto the field, injecting the missing zest into the game and leveling the score to 2-0.

Bet on Premier League with ChampionBet

Manchester City is in 2nd place in the EPL table with 79 points, right behind Arsenal. They still have 4 games left to play, as they are catching up on matches, giving them a better chance to leap to the top spot. Things are really heating up and it will greatly depend on how the top three leaders of the EPL table manage the upcoming games. Even Liverpool has a chance to climb to the top spot, but it won’t be easy. Have you placed your bet on your Premier League favorite yet? Find the best odds, bets, and football news always on ChampionBet. Follow our blog and don’t miss a thing!

Have you got your bets ready for EPL’s 35th round?

The battle for the 35th round of the Premier League kicks off this afternoon!

The last weekend of April brings us the 35th round of the Premier League. Arsenal still leads the EPL table with 77 points, closely chased by Manchester City with 76 points. Liverpool, after another defeat to Everton, lags behind with 74 points in third place, but there’s still a chance to turn things around this weekend.

Midweek saw the 29th round catch-up games, where Arsenal’s 5-0 demolition of Chelsea and Manchester City’s comfortable 4-0 victory over Brighton were the main highlights. Today, we pick up with the 35th round starting with West Ham hosting Liverpool at 1:30 PM. Another chance for Liverpool to climb back to the top of the Premier League table? Anything’s possible – let’s see how Jürgen Klopp’s men tackle the 35th round challenge.

Matches starting at 4:00 PM:

Aston Villa Vs. Chelsea

Two and a half hours later, we move to Everton’s home ground, where they will be hosting Brentford. At the same time, we’ll witness the potentially thrilling match of Aston Villa Vs. Chelsea. Considering Aston Villa’s overall decent performance in the Premier League, despite a few losses like the 4:1 defeat to Manchester City, and their recent victory at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium – not forgetting Chelsea’s 5:0 loss to Arsenal – Aston Villa is our favorite for this clash. Will they be on your betting slip too? Place your bets for today’s games HERE.

Sunday’s Premier League Matches

The Reds from Liverpool are counting on defeating West Ham and hoping that on Sunday, Tottenham will beat Arsenal at home. Though the most common result between Tottenham and Arsenal tends to be a 1:1 draw, Arsenal won both matches against Spurs last season, which along with leading the EPL gives them an edge. We’re set for an enthralling match, which you can bet on HERE.

The last Sunday match will be held at Nottingham’s home stadium, welcoming the titans from Manchester City – and we can all guess how that might end…

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PS.: All match start times are given in European time zone.

Who’s Your Pick for Today’s Rescheduled 29th Round of EPL Matches?

Manchester United, Liverpool, or Crystal Palace in today’s 29th round of Premier League matches

Arsenal currently leads the Premier League table. The top three spots have been changing every week over the last month, and we’re still talking about the same three title contenders – Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City. Who will it be? Have you got your favorite in your sights? On ChampionBet, you can still place your bets on the EPL winner in the outright bets.

The weekend’s 35th round of the Premier League is slowly but surely approaching. Before it arrives, the standings may shuffle a bit more because rescheduled matches from the 29th round were planned for this week. Last night saw a key match in the 29th round when Arsenal devastated Chelsea 5:0 at home, setting a new rivalry record since 1930.

Today’s Premier League 29th Round Matches:

All matches start at 9:00 PM European time, except Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Bournemouth, which kicks off 15 minutes earlier.

Everton vs Liverpool

So, it’s quite possible that the table will mix up even more before the weekend’s 35th round kicks off. That’s why the match between Everton and Liverpool is crucial to watch. We at ChampionBet are backing Liverpool for the win, even though they are playing at Everton’s home stadium, history and current form clearly speak in their favor (but the most common result between Everton and Liverpool is usually a 0:0 draw).

Liverpool recently lost to Crystal Palace, not to mention a home defeat against Atalanta in the Europa League, but thankfully they redeemed themselves with a 3:1 win over Fulham. Everton won their last game against Nottingham 2:0, but had previously been thrashed 6:0 by Chelsea, whom Arsenal nearly matched yesterday. You can bet on the 29th round Premier League matches HERE.

Manchester United vs Sheffield United

We also can’t forget the match between Manchester United and Sheffield United. It’s clear Manchester should win this game, playing at home against the EPL table’s bottom team. However, it’s worth noting that Manchester United and Newcastle currently have the same number of points, so they will be battling for 6th place today. Newcastle will defend their position at home against Crystal Palace, who, while currently 14th, have been faring quite well in recent matches.

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Who’s Making It to the FA Cup Final?

Man City and Chelsea are battling for a spot in the FA Cup final.

It’s been a week full of huge football matches ending in surprising ways, and now we’re looking ahead to the big semifinals of Champions League and Europa League at the turn of April and May. But let’s not jump ahead too fast – let’s take a look at England, where some pretty important matches are happening today.

The FA Cup kicks off at 6:15 PM!

First up, it’s the 34th round of the Premier League, but lots of today’s games have been moved around, mainly because of the FA Cup semifinals, starting at 6:15 PM European time at Wembley Stadium.

Man City’s Defeat in the Champions League

Sadly, Manchester City faced a home defeat against Real Madrid in the Champions League quarterfinals this Wednesday. So, Pep Guardiola’s team won’t be bagging a treble like last year, but no worries, Man City is still one of the strongest teams in football today, and the match against Real Madrid was another great show. You could see the players on both teams were really tired from the long game that finally ended with Real Madrid winning on penalties.

Is Chelsea in Top Form?

Today, Man City has the chance to up their game against West London’s Chelsea in the FA Cup. As the oldest domestic cup competition heads towards the final, we at ChampionBet are keen to see which of today’s two teams will make it there. Even though Man City has been playing some top-notch football, let’s not forget Chelsea’s smashing 6:0 win over Everton on Monday – they are on a roll!

Historically, in the last 8 matches between Manchester City and Chelsea, the Cityzens haven’t lost once. But, Chelsea hasn’t lost any of their last 8 matches either. Man City now has a slight setback from their loss to Real Madrid. Which team are you betting on today? We at ChampionBet are leaning towards Manchester City, but we can’t guarantee any outcomes. You can make your bet for today’s match HERE.

Keep Going Tomorrow with ChampionBet

The FA Cup semifinals continue tomorrow, with Coventry City facing Manchester United. Will this year’s FA Cup final be a Manchester derby, or will Chelsea and Coventry City throw us a curveball? For more info from the world of the Premier League, Champions League, and other prestigious football leagues, follow our blog regularly!

Got Your Ticket Ready for today’s Europa League Quarterfinals?

The Europa League Will Reveal the Four Semifinalists Today!

We’re past the second week of the Champions League quarterfinals. The semifinalists are decided, and now it’s time to turn our attention to the Europa League‘s second quarterfinal round. Last week’s football matches ended in ways nobody guessed (like Liverpool’s home defeat and AC Milan’s loss), but that’s the beautiful magic of football and sports in general. So, the question is, which of the 8 teams will advance to the Europa League semifinals today?

Atalanta BC vs. Liverpool

What nobody expected happened. Last week, Liverpool lost 3:0 at home to Italian Atalanta. And just this Sunday, they were defeated in the Premier League by Crystal Palace after a draw with Manchester United. Liverpool’s known for fierce comebacks, but today they’re up against history. No team in the history of the Europa League knockout phase has ever turned around an away three-goal deficit. Will history be rewritten today, or will Atalanta sail into the semifinals with the wind at their back? Their last match with Hellas Verona ended in a draw, so we’re really looking forward to today’s game. You can bet on the Atalanta BC vs. Liverpool match HERE.

Marseille vs. Benfica

Marseille has lost all of their last 5 matches. Benfica took care of them with a 2:1 win on their home turf last week, not too bad, but they’ll have to try hard to turn the situation around. Today, Marseille’s home ground, Orange Velodrome, plays into their hands, and it’s clear they haven’t lost their fighting spirit, as shown by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s goal in Lisbon. Will they make it to the semifinals? Build your ticket on ChampionBet!

Roma vs. AC Milan

Last week, we were banking on AC Milan’s home win on ChampionBet, but Roma wouldn’t have it and secured a 1:0 victory. Today’s game starts with the home team slightly ahead, making it a bit harder for Milan to catch up. Roma has been on a roll this season, winning or at least drawing most of their recent games, except for the last-16 match with Brighton, which ended 1:0, but Brighton was eliminated anyway. AC Milan won’t just let it be; they’ll try to score as much as possible. You can bet on the Roma vs. AC Milan match HERE.

West Ham United vs. Bayer Leverkusen

Bundesliga winners Bayer Leverkusen are crushing almost anyone in their path. Besides their 2:0 victory last week in the Europa League against West Ham, they also thrashed Werder Bremen 5:0. West Ham’s weekend loss in the Premier League 2:0 against Fulham probably didn’t boost their confidence for today’s match. But they have a chance to even out the two-goal difference on their home turf. Will they hold their ground and disrupt Bayer’s unbeaten run? Build your ticket on ChampionBet!

Betting on the Europa League with ChampionBet

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Who from today’s four teams will advance to the semifinals?

The UEFA Champions League quarterfinals tonight will decide the first teams to move on.

The dice are thrown, the Champions League quarterfinals are underway, and tonight the return matches begin. Barcelona holds a healthy lead thanks to their first match in Paris, where they won 3:2 against PSG. On the other hand, Atlético Madrid leads with a margin, having defended their home position against Dortmund 2:1. Today, the home fields change, and we’re set for matches at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys and Signal Iduna Park.

Barcelona Vs PSG

Anyone who watched the match in Paris might have a hint that Barcelona could be one of the 4 teams appearing in the Champions League semifinals. Not only are they currently on a streak of 13 unbeaten matches, but they are undoubtedly playing the best football of the season so far. Although we thought that one of the world’s best footballers, Kylian Mbappé, would score at his home ground, it did not happen. Perhaps he is already pondering his stint at Real Madrid and his heart is leaving PSG, only God knows. However, today could still change everything and lift his current team to the Champions League semifinals, fulfilling the dreams of all French fans.

Nevertheless, PSG is showing overall greater performance in the Champions League than Barcelona. We’ll see how it all turns out tonight. Find the best odds for tonight’s Champions League match HERE.

Historical Insert:

“When Barcelona won their first Champions League title in 1992, it was at the legendary Wembley Stadium, where they defeated Sampdoria 1:0.”

Dortmund Vs Atlético Madrid

Atlético is in form after last week’s Champions League. Besides a one-goal lead over Dortmund, they also have a clean 3:1 win against Girona from Saturday. Their confidence will definitely not be lacking in today’s match, yet Dortmund is on their home turf and managed to win in the Bundesliga against Mönchengladbach 2:1 on Saturday.

BVB has not advanced to the Champions League quarterfinals since the 2012/2013 season. Today’s match will be crucial for both teams. Most odds suggest a victory for Dortmund at their home ground, yet Atlético is one of the most unpredictable teams this season, which makes them a wild card in many matches. You can build your betting slip for the match HERE.

Starting tonight at 9:00 PM

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Who will remain at the top of the EPL table after the 33rd round?

Catch the Sunday match of the 33rd round of the Premier League – Arsenal vs. Aston Villa

The first leg of the Champions League and Europa League quarterfinals are behind us. The Champions League ended quite unpredictably, especially the draw between Arsenal and Bayern at Emirates Stadium. Manchester City also managed to snatch a 3-3 draw at Real Madrid’s home ground. But what surprised us the most was Liverpool’s home loss to Italy’s Atalanta, which ended 3-0. Next week, the London guys will have a chance to make amends, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take a look at the 33rd round of the Premier League, which kicks off today.

Starting today!

Each team has approximately six more Premier League matches left, as many football matches have been postponed for later dates. Nonetheless, Arsenal tops the EPL table with 71 points, with Liverpool hot on their heels with the same number of points. Manchester City is just one point behind the two leaders. Today we have six matches on the schedule, among which the pivotal game for the entire table is Man City vs. Luton Town. Not that the other matches aren’t important, but if City wins with a significant lead, it can move to the top position and overtake both Arsenal and Liverpool. You can bet on Saturday’s matches HERE.

Sunday Premier League Matches

Three more matches await us on Sunday, including Liverpool against Crystal Castle and Arsenal vs. Aston Villa. Let’s hope Liverpool hasn’t fallen into a slump after the Europa League and will win at Anfield this time. On the other side, Arsenal welcomes Aston Villa at the Emirates Stadium, currently fighting with Tottenham for the 4th spot in the Premier League table.

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa

The last match at Emirates Stadium ended in a draw, but Arsenal hasn’t lost in any of their last eight matches. Last season, they won both matches against Aston Villa (2:1 at home and 4:2 away), and it’s very likely that will be the case again tomorrow. However, it’s possible that Ollie Watkins will awaken his predatory spirit and aim to slip through the Gunners’ defense. That’s where Arsenal has William Saliba and other great defenders to count on. Bet on your favorite with conviction! You can place your bets on the Arsenal vs. Aston Villa match HERE.

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Who will take the lead and who will defend their home turf in today’s Europa League matches?

The First Round of the UEFA Europa League Quarterfinals

The UEFA Champions League rounds are behind us. Now it’s time to find out who deserves their place in the UEFA Europa League semifinals. The quarterfinal matches are ready to kick off today at 9:00 PM European time. Have you prepared your ticket for your favorite team? We at ChampionBet certainly have!

Bayer Leverkusen vs. West Ham United

In Germany’s BayArena, the Bundesliga league leader Bayer Leverkusen welcomes their opponent from the Premier League. Bayer boasts an impressive streak of 43 undefeated matches and leads the Bundesliga, 16 points ahead of Bayern Munich. West Ham won their last match against Wolves, but they’ll need to pull out all the stops in Germany, otherwise, they might quickly fall short against the current Bundesliga leaders. Place your bets on the match HERE.

AC Milan vs. AS Roma

The legendary San Siro Stadium becomes the battleground for an Italian clash between AC Milan and AS Roma. AC Milan carries a beautiful winning streak of 7 consecutive matches, while Roma, under Rossi’s leadership, is gaining strength towards a European trophy. Today, AC Milan has the chance to gain a home advantage for the return leg. Or will Roma score at the first opportunity? Bet on the match at ChampionBet!

Benfica vs. Marseille

After being ousted from the Champions League, Benfica is looking for some solace in the Europa League and confirmed their improved form with a win over Rangers. Marseille, under new management, will definitely not go easy on their adversary, but Benfica is in a more advantageous position at their home stadium, where they haven’t lost the last 8 matches. Conversely, Marseille has a streak of 4 consecutive losses. Will it be a draw today, or will Benfica take the lead? Place your bets on the match HERE.

Liverpool vs. Atalanta BC

No team wants to mess with Liverpool, not in the Premier League and certainly not in the Europa League. Today’s match at Anfield will be very tough and at least a bit dramatic for Atalanta if they want to leave with at least a draw. Or could it be different? However, Liverpool hasn’t lost any of the last 33 home matches, which clearly confirms their dominant position at London’s Anfield. Bet on the match at ChampionBet!

Bet on the Europa League with ChampionBet

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What Will Today’s Champions League Matches in France and Spain Look Like?

UEFA Champions League kick off tonight, with PSG vs Barcelona as the highlight

The first quarter of the Champions League quarterfinals is behind us. Arsenal held their own, battling to a 2:2 draw with German giants Bayern Munich at their home Emirates Stadium. Meanwhile, Real Madrid and Manchester City fought to an electrifying 3:3 draw. The Champions League fires up the second quarter of the quarterfinals today at 9:00 PM European time, featuring Paris Saint-Germain against Barcelona in Paris. At the same time, Atletico Madrid will host German side Borussia Dortmund. Let’s dive into the matches, get your ticket ready, and let’s jump into the action!

PSG vs Barcelona

Luis Enrique, with his current French powerhouse, will face his former team, with whom he has achieved great success. PSG, comfortably leading Ligue 1, didn’t have any trouble in their Champions League match against Real Sociedad. Mbappé, currently courted by Real Madrid, scored as usual. Their position today against Barcelona is definitely advantageous. However, PSG is well aware of how Barcelona can turn matches around to their favor. Will PSG ensure a worthy departure for Kylian Mbappé, or will Barcelona be the ones turning the match? We’ll find out tonight. You can bet on the match HERE.

Atletico Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund

If there’s one team that keeps surprising us this season, it’s definitely Atletico Madrid. Few could have imagined just two weeks ago that they would beat the armored Inter Milan and advance to the Champions League quarterfinals. Yet, that’s exactly what happened, and today they welcome Dortmund to their home turf.

Spain or Germany?

Atletico secured a win against Villarreal on April 1st with a 2:1 score, so they’re riding a wave of positivity into today’s match. On the other hand, Dortmund’s winning streak was interrupted with a loss to Stuttgart this Saturday. But it’s the Champions League quarterfinals we’re talking about, and there’s a lot at stake. Will Atletico continue to surprise us with their unpredictability, or will Dortmund set a fierce pace as they did in their last match against Bayern and take command of the Spanish Civitas Metropolitano stadium? You can bet on the match HERE.

Champion Arena and the Champions League

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Who Will Make the First Move Towards the Semifinals?

Today’s Champions League Matches Will Be Loaded with Tension!

The UEFA Champions League is inching closer to the final match, set for June 1st at Wembley Stadium. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as we still need to figure out who will even have the chance to compete there. Thankfully, we’ve got a stellar lineup of the best teams ready to fight for a semifinal spot. Got your favorite picked out on your ticket? The action starts at 9:00 PM European time today!

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

The Gunners from London, after Round 32 of the Premier League, have climbed to the top spot, thanks to Liverpool’s draw with Manchester United. They’re charged up and won’t be short on confidence at their home ground against Thomas Tuchel’s squad. Bayern Munich will be without their fans at the Emirates Stadium due to sanctions over pyrotechnics, giving Arsenal an even bigger edge to score goals.

Let’s not beat around the bush; Arsenal is in a favorable position in today’s match, but that doesn’t mean the German giants led by the formidable striker Harry Kane can’t seize the lead. Here at ChampionBet, we’re backing an Arsenal win. Whose side will your ticket be on?

Real Madrid vs Manchester City

At the same time, we’ll head over to Santiago Bernabeu, the home stadium of Real Madrid, as they welcome the formidable Manchester City onto their turf. About a year ago, in the Champions League semifinals, Manchester managed to crush Real Madrid with a 4:0 victory at their own Etihad Stadium. Will Real Madrid seek cool-headed revenge for last year and turn the competition in their favor? Both teams have countless victories both at home and away, with Real currently leading the LaLiga table by 8 points over Barcelona.

Their meeting last year at Real Madrid’s home ended in a 1:1 draw. However, Real has only conceded one goal at home in their last 5 matches, that being from RB Leipzig. Speaking of today’s winner, it’s tough to call, as both teams crush their opponents in any competition they face.

Who Will Outdo Whom

Betting on a draw between Real Madrid and Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals could be a smart move, but what if Real strikes with full force and City must defend intensely? All of this awaits us tonight!

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Have you got your Premier League weekend ticket ready?

Weekend Premier League with Round 32 Starts Today

Not even a week has passed, and our beloved Premier League has seen so many significant events that have once again shuffled the table quite a bit. After the weekend’s 30th round, Liverpool returned to the top spot, but with the start of the 31st round, Arsenal moved back into the first place. Yet, Liverpool won against Sheffield United 3:1 and rightfully took back what belongs to them.

The 32nd round begins today, and our question is – Can Liverpool maintain their top spot again? Much will depend on their match tomorrow against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Manchester will have a great chance to show their home strength and make up for Thursday’s match with Chelsea, which ended in a 4:3 loss for them.

Manchester United at Home Against Liverpool

Liverpool is in great form and certainly doesn’t seem like they’re about to let up. However, they will come to Old Trafford as guests and will have to try even harder to achieve success. History leans more towards Manchester United, who have the upper hand in home matches against Liverpool. In the last 35 encounters at Manchester’s home ground, the Red Devils won 20 times, 8 ended in a draw, and Liverpool won 7 times.

But let’s not drift too far into tomorrow’s game. It’s important to mention that today Brighton & Hove Albion hosts Arsenal, which could also greatly shake up the Premier League table. If Arsenal wins, Liverpool will also have to win against Manchester to maintain the top position. Then we have Manchester City, who are visiting Crystal Palace’s stadium after lunch.

Best Odds on ChampionBet

The second and very important question we have on ChampionBet is, who and what will be on your Premier League Round 32 ticket? Will you trust the high-flying Liverpool, who are strictly aiming for the title, or will you bet on the home side, Manchester United? And what about Arsenal?

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What will happen in today’s Premier League Round 31 highlight?

Chelsea hosts Manchester United at their home ground

The 31st round of the Premier League didn’t keep us waiting. With the majority of games played yesterday, Arsenal reclaimed the top spot after their victory. Today, Liverpool’s match against Sheffield United might mix things up again, but our focus is on tonight’s Stamford Bridge face-off, kicking off at 9:15 PM European time

Payback from Chelsea 

Chelsea welcomes Manchester United with a clear goal – to avenge the 2:1 defeat at Old Trafford in December. However, Chelsea has been quite unpredictable in their recent matches, due partly to their weakened defense. Their five out of seven home wins in the Premier League give them a strong spirit for today’s game, but their history against Manchester United isn’t exactly glorious. 

Manchester United historically has the upper hand

Since 2017, Manchester United has never lost at Chelsea’s home ground in league matches. The Red Devils, currently in 6th place in the Premier League table, have the chance to show their strength and improve their current reputation. Their Easter match against Brentford ended in a 1:1 draw. Will they set things right with a win today and maintain their tradition from 2017, or will history change today as Chelsea asserts their home status?

However, Chelsea hasn’t lost their last 5 matches, and their most recent game against Burnley ended 2:2. Regarding our tips at ChampionBet, we have hopes for Chelsea to turn the history of the Premier League around and win today’s home game. But Manchester United has better overall results, and in our opinion, they’re playing slightly better football at the moment. This is clearly reflected in the Premier League table standings. How about betting on a draw? Trust in your favorite! 

Bet on the Premier League with ChampionBet 

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The 31st round of the Premier League is starting, who from the star trio will take the lead?

Liverpool Once Again Controls the Top Spot in the Premier League

The 30th round of the Premier League over the Easter weekend shook up the top spots and once again put Liverpool in the lead, who beat Brighton & Hove Albion 2:1 on Sunday. The match was lively from the start, with Danny Welbeck scoring a goal for the home side in just the second minute. However, Liverpool quickly responded and Diaz leveled the score shortly after. Mohamed Salah finished off the match, putting Liverpool in a winning position.

The entire 30th round played out in favor of Liverpool in all respects, as the highly anticipated match between Manchester City and Arsenal ended in a 0:0 draw. Not a single goal was scored and it was evident that neither team wanted to lose at any cost. City relied on their dominant position at their home stadium but took few risks. Arsenal was also cautious, hence the match ended in a draw.

The 31st Round Starts Today

Liverpool is now with 67 points at the top of the Premier League table, with Arsenal in second place with 65 points and Manchester City third with 64 points. Each team has 9 matches left and the 31st round starts today with matches like Newcastle vs. Everton, West Ham vs. Tottenham, and Burnley vs. Wolverhampton. On ChampionBet, you can set up your bet for today as you like and even show it off in our Champion Arena.

Manchester City vs. Aston Villa

Don’t forget tomorrow’s highlight matches, which can radically and quickly change the positions in the table. Arsenal will welcome Luton Town at their home ground, and Manchester City will compete for a victory against Aston Villa, who are also playing great football currently in the 4th position in the Premier League.

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How will today’s matches change the Premier League table?

The Biggest Highlights of Premier League’s 30th Round This Afternoon!

After a two-week break, yesterday’s matches finally got the Premier League table moving and kicked off the 30th round of the competition. Aston Villa, West Ham, and others played, but the two most crucial matches are set for this afternoon, so let’s take a closer look.

Liverpool at Home Against Brighton & Hove Albion

First off, we’re not underestimating Brighton by any means, but they’ll have their work cut out for them if they want to leave Liverpool’s home turf at Anfield as the winning team. Liverpool may have lost their last match in the FA Cup against Manchester United in overtime, but their form is still brilliant, holding second place in the Premier League table. If they win this home game against Brighton, they could jump back to the top spot they held for so long before drawing with Manchester City. The match starts at 3 PM European time, have you got your bet ready?

A Massive Match Between Manchester City and Arsenal

A little later on, at 5:30 PM, an epic clash between Manchester City and Arsenal will unfold at the Etihad Stadium, eagerly awaited by the proud fans of both teams.

Looking at the stats and data, Manchester City hasn’t lost an unbelievable 22 matches in a row and has also remained unbeaten in 40 home matches! Last season, they won against Arsenal away (3:1) and at home (4:1). City’s last home loss to Arsenal was back in 2015.

Arsenal Leading the Premier League

But this season’s Arsenal is better and more powerful than ever before, and they currently hold the top spot in the Premier League table. They’ve also got eight consecutive wins and, like Manchester City, have advanced to the Champions League quarterfinals.

Most circumstances still favor Manchester City, especially considering their position at the home Etihad Stadium. However, Arsenal could come with an indomitable will to maintain their top position in the Premier League. Whose side are you on in this match? Will we see more goals from the talented striker Erling Haaland, or will Bukayo Saka be on the scoresheet?

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What does today’s friendly match between England and Brazil hold in store?

Friendly Match Tonight: England Faces Brazil at Wembley!

As we take a short pause from our favourite leagues like the Premier League, Champions League, or Europa League, we’re set for a cultural treat with a friendly match between England and Brazil at Wembley Stadium in London tonight.

England Heads to the European Championship

Gareth Southgate is wrapping up his list of 23 players who will head out to the upcoming European Championship in Germany. Today’s game and the upcoming one against Belgium will help him finalize the complete squad. In today’s match, newbies like Kobbie Mainoo and Anthony Gordon will get their chance to strut their stuff for the Three Lions, giving them a shot at making the squad for the Euros.

The Brazilians are gearing up for Copa America in a few weeks, adding a bit of spice to their game. They’ll be led by new coach Dorival Junior, who took over the team in January. Can he lead his team to victory today?

How Will Tonight’s Game Unfold?

With the Euros coming up, England is reminded of the Euro 2020, where they couldn’t clinch the final and finished “only” in second place. This year could be Southgate’s last chance to finally bring international glory to the English fans. Will he repay his debt and take England to the top of football? Today’s match might give us some clues.

England comes into this match with 10 unbeaten games since the end of the 2022 World Cup. The Brazilians have had a bit of a rough start, losing three games in a row in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. However, they still have a shot at qualifying, although they’ll need to really step up and catch up to Argentina.

Stay in the Game with ChampionBet

As for predicting the match’s outcome, we at ChampionBet are betting on Gareth Southgate’s team because they’re in formidable shape. But it’s entirely possible that the Brazilians, with a new coach, will display a completely new dimension of football. Let your ticket reflect your thoughts and watch the match’s circumstances closely! For more information, keep an eye on our blog regularly.

Inspire and be inspired!

Let yourself be inspired or become an icon of bettors with Champion Arena!

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Champion Arena is, therefore, a community of all bettors who want to share their placed tickets and inspire others. You can be the one who inspires others. It can also be the other way around than in the previous paragraph. You wake up feeling that you absolutely know who to bet on in today’s match, so you share your ticket in the Champion Arena.

How to get inspired?

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How to inspire others?

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Who are your favorites for tonight’s Europa League matches?

Tonight, another round of UEFA Europa League matches kicks off

Yesterday’s UEFA Champions League round of 16 games sent the final two teams into the quarterfinals, battling for the cup. If you’re still craving football action like us at ChampionBet, we recommend catching today’s UEFA Europa League matches for plenty of adrenaline.

The games are split into two time slots, with the first set kicking off at 6:45 pm. The second wave of UEFA Europa League matches starts at 9:00 pm European time.

Games starting at 6:45 pm:

Games starting at 9:00 pm:

  1. Atalanta vs Sporting CP (1:1)
  2. Bayer Leverkusen vs FK Karabakh (2:2)
  3. Brighton & Hove Albion vs AS Roma (0:4)
  4. Liverpool vs Sparta Prague (5:1)

Who will make it to the Europa League quarterfinals?

At Ibrox, Rangers will try to use their home advantage against Benfica after a 2:2 draw in Lisbon. So, we’re in for a very interesting spectacle that decides the continuation of the entire Europa League. Meanwhile, Slavia Prague, after a 4:2 defeat in the first match, will try to overturn the result at their home ground against AC Milan. Will Milan be in better shape than their colleagues Inter, who failed to reach the Champions League quarterfinals?

In Villarreal, the Yellow Submarine faces a tough task, as their last match against Marseille ended in a 4:0 defeat. Even though they are playing on their home field, their form against Marseille would have to be really above standard for a win. West Ham will be looking to turn the first match result around against the German Freiburg on their home ground in London.

Atalanta hosts Sporting Lisbon after a 1:1 draw, hoping to use their territory to advance in the UEFA Europa League. Bayer Leverkusen, after a tough 2:2 draw in Baku with Qarabag, will be trying to keep their hopes for a season treble alive.

Sparta Prague heads to London’s Anfield

Brighton, after a tough 4:0 defeat in Rome, will welcome AS Roma to their stadium, and Liverpool will honor their opponents Sparta Prague at their home Anfield with a significant lead from the previous match 5:1.

You can assemble your Ticket on ChampionBet with a bet on each match if you subconsciously sense the winners who will be a step closer to the cup, to be contested on May 22nd in Dublin. Follow our blog regularly, and you’ll always be a step ahead in the world of football betting!

Which of today’s four teams is on your ticket? 

Final Two Teams Secure Spots in the Champions League Quarterfinals Tonight

The deciding night for the round of 16 is here. Yesterday’s Champions League matches sent two more star teams to the quarterfinals. Arsenal and Barcelona defended their positions and now we have nothing else to do but wait for today’s last two round of 16 matches of the UEFA Champions League, which will set up the quarterfinal matches.

Atletico Madrid vs Inter Milan

Who from today’s matches will join Arsenal and Barcelona? Will it be Atletico Madrid or Inter Milan? Atletico Madrid will be at their home stadium, Wanda Metropolitano, which might give them more courage to even out the first match they lost 1:0 at San Siro stadium. Their results in recent matches are very mixed, making it hard to predict what form they will show tonight.

On the other side, their rival, Inter Milan, has 14 unbeaten matches in a row, of which 12 were clean wins. Leading Serie A by 16 points ahead of second place AC Milan gives the Italian stallions plenty of confidence for today’s match. Whose side will you put your ticket on today? We at ChampionBet are clear.

Borussia Dortmund vs PSV Eindhoven

At 9:00 PM, a very exciting match will take place at Signal Iduna Park in Germany between the home team Dortmund and the Dutch PSV. The first match in the UEFA Champions League ended in a draw in the Netherlands, which makes today’s game really spicy. Borussia Dortmund has only 4 out of 9 won home matches, but in the last 8 home Champions League matches, they haven’t lost, which could be a good sign for their match today.

PSV Eindhoven are in great form and are showing overall great football this year. They have 8 unbeaten matches in a row, of which we must mention the crushing win against PEC Zwolle, which ended 7:1. On Friday, they beat Go Ahead Eagles 1:0 and today they are going for the advancement to the Champions League quarterfinals.

Champions League with ChampionBet

No matter who your favorite for today’s Champions League is, keep in mind that at ChampionBet you always find the best odds in Ghana. Also, you always find the freshest information from the world of the most prestigious football leagues and casino games. Follow our blog regularly and you won’t miss a thing!

Who will go through to the next round of the UEFA Champions League?

Tonight We Will Find Out the Next UEFA Champions League Qualifiers

We’re deep into an exciting football period. This weekend’s Premier League games shook up the league, changing up the standings. But our focus today isn’t on the Premier League, it’s on the UEFA Champions League, as we’re gearing up for the battle to reach the quarter-finals.

Last week, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid secured their spots. Tonight, we find out which two teams will inch closer to lifting the trophy. Who will it be?

Arsenal vs. FC Porto

At 9 PM, we’re at Emirates Stadium where the Premier League leaders, Arsenal, are steadily carving their path towards the trophy. Portuguese giants FC Porto, riding high in their league, come visiting.

So, we’ve got two teams hungry for victory. Arsenal fans were surprised when Porto won 1-0 in their first last-16 match of the Champions League. But sometimes a setback can be a setup for a comeback—Arsenal’s been on fire, crushing their opponents (just ask Burnley, West Ham, and Sheffield United).

Is Arsenal’s Champions League Journey at Risk?

Arsenal faces the risk of being knocked out before reaching the Champions League quarter-finals. They need to bring their A-game at home to stand strong against Porto. At ChampionBet, we’re backing Arsenal, but FC Porto could pull off a surprise in London. You can bet on the match HERE.

Barcelona vs. Napoli

The second match, also starting at 9 PM, takes place at Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys in Barcelona. Barcelona is getting set for their rematch with Italian club Napoli. Their last Champions League clash ended 1-1, making tonight’s match a balanced affair, though Barcelona enjoys the home advantage. While some may argue Napoli lacks some spark, underestimating them isn’t wise. Historically, Barcelona hasn’t lost to Napoli in their last five encounters, though three ended in draws. We’re leaning towards Barcelona. What about you?

The Champions League Action Continues Tomorrow!

Don’t forget to return to our blog tomorrow, as the fight for the quarter-finals continues. ChampionBet will be there, and you should be too!

Did you catch the weekend’s Premier League Round 28 action?

Arsenal Ascends to the Top of the Premier League Table!

A weekend full of tension and pure football adrenaline is how one could describe the 28th round of the Premier League, which shuffled the entire table and changed the current leader. As we wrote in our article yesterday, Arsenal has caught an amazing pace, winning one game after another. This streak was no exception in their Saturday match against Brentford, which ended 2:1.

However, the significant change came during yesterday’s Liverpool versus Manchester City game, ending in a 1:1 draw. Thanks to the draw between the two biggest current Premier League champions, Arsenal climbed to the top spot. At this moment, we could use the apt proverb, “When two fight, the third one laughs.”

The Titans’ Clash Ends in a Draw

Manchester City took control of the first half of the match with a goal by John Stones. Liverpool attacked with full force in the second half and equalized in the 50th minute with a beautiful penalty by Mac Allister. Since then, Liverpool dominated for the rest of the match but unfortunately missed several great chances.

Unacknowledged Foul by Jérémy Doku

But the whole thing might not have ended in a draw if the referee had been fairer. In the 99th minute, Jérémy Doku kicked Mac Allister in the ribs while trying to clear the ball. The referee consulted the video assistant referee about the situation, but no penalty ensued. From our perspective, it was a clear foul, and there should have been a penalty, which might have secured a victory for Liverpool. And how do you see it? Write us your opinion on the situation on social media.

However, the penalty did not occur, and so Arsenal has moved to the lead in the Premier League with a current 64 points. Liverpool also has the same number of points on their account, but due to the draw, they have moved to second place. Manchester City is only one point behind the top two teams. Can you already guess who we will see in the Premier League final? There are 10 matches left in the season!

Chelsea Versus Newcastle Tonight!

The 28th Round of the Premier League will conclude with tonight’s Chelsea against Newcastle match at Stamford Bridge, starting at 21:00. Do you have your ticket ready? We at ChampionBet certainly do! For more information on prestigious football leagues and casino games, follow our blog regularly.

Liverpool vs. Manchester City today! Who’s your pick to win?

Premier League Excitement Peaks: Liverpool Hosts Manchester City Today!

Round 28 of the Premier League is in full swing from yesterday. The race for the title is getting closer, and looking at the current standings, we’re starting to debate who we’ll see in the finals. Arsenal has been showing top-notch performance lately and is closely trailing the first two leaders. Can you picture the Premier League final? Today’s match between Liverpool and Manchester City, which has been surrounded by increasing tension over the past few days, might give us a hint.

Tension Rises Between Liverpool and Manchester City

Liverpool defender Alexander-Arnold challenged his rivals in his recent interview with FourFourTwo magazine, saying trophies mean more to his team than they do for Manchester City. He also described his opponents as “a machine that’s built to win” and commented on the team’s better financial position.

Manchester City’s top scorer, striker Erling Haaland, quickly responded to the Liverpool defender’s words. He reminded Alexander of last year’s success and mentioned that he doesn’t know what it feels like to win the Treble.

Premier League Title 

The match is set at Anfield Stadium for 4:45 PM. The tension is high, with just one point separating the teams in the Premier League standings. Both Liverpool and Manchester City are showing incredible football skills. Moreover, City has moved forward in the Champions League and has just won the city derby against United. Things are heating up, and Liverpool’s coach Jurgen Klopp, who will be leaving after this season, is well aware. Will his players secure a victory for his final season at Liverpool?

Place Your Bets with ChampionBet

Picking today’s Premier League match winner is no easy task. Both teams are determined to claim the title. Liverpool naturally has the home-field advantage at Anfield, but City is not to be underestimated, boasting a series of nine consecutive away wins. Place your bets based on your feeling!

On ChampionBet, you can always find the best odds, the top casino games, and fresh updates from the sports world. Follow our blog regularly, and you won’t miss out on any of the latest news.

Tonight decides the next two to advance to the quarterfinals. Is your bet ready?

The UEFA Champions League Second Round Heats Up

Last night, the UEFA Champions League featured two thrilling round of 16 matches that unfolded just as we at ChampionBet predicted. Bayern Munich defended their Allianz Arena with a 3-0 victory over Lazio, and PSG scored a 2-1 win over Real Sociedad. With two qualifiers determined, the focus now shifts to the remaining two winners we’ll learn about today. Prepare for some great action as both matches kick off at 21:00!

Manchester City Back at Their Stadium

After Sunday’s Manchester derby, where City confirmed their city dominance with a 3-1 win, tonight’s match is set to be intense. Manchester City welcomes Copenhagen to their Etihad Stadium. Without speculating on early outcomes, Manchester secured a win in the first leg, boasts a record of consecutive unbeaten games, plays at home, and comes off a fresh derby victory. Copenhagen will have to work hard to maintain pace, particularly at City’s stronghold. At ChampionBet, we’re confident about the betting outcomes.

Real Madrid Aims to Advance Against RB Leipzig

The second match, also starting at the same time, will see Real Madrid host RB Leipzig at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Despite appearing favorites due to their current form and home-field advantage, RB Leipzig could surprise and overturn the situation. The previous encounter ended 1-0 in favor of Real, giving the Spanish team an advantage. The final results are eagerly awaited tonight.

Champions League Quarter-finals on the Horizon

The UEFA Champions League quarter-finals are nearly upon us. By tonight, we’ll know the lineup for the next stage of the competition. Have you placed your bets on your favorites for tonight’s matches? You can find the best odds at ChampionBet! Plus, we always ensure you have access to the latest information from the world of football and casino gaming on our blog.

Who will advance to the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals?

The Second Leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Kicks off Tonight!

After an eventful 27th round of the Premier League, which brought a host of great football moments, we’re back with another big show. What’s at stake this time? In the UEFA Champions League quite a bit, as we look forward to the second round of the last 16, which will decide who advances. This spectacle starts today at 9 PM and ChampionBet will definitely be there!

Bayern Munich vs. Lazio Rome

The Allianz Arena lights up tonight to show who really deserves a place in the quarter-finals. Lazio beat Bayern last month 1:0 at their home ground, giving them a slight edge for today’s game. If the Serie A team wins, it would be almost twenty years since they reached the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. On the other hand, the German champions have made it to the quarter-finals every year for the last three years and are now aiming for their seventh European Cup. However, they haven’t been performing as well as usual lately, which might have led to the news of the departure of current coach Thomas Tuchel. Will Bayern defend their home ground and advance to the quarter-finals, or will Lazio surprise us again?

Real Sociedad vs. Paris Saint-Germain

At the same time, we move to Spanish San Sebastian at the Reale Arena, where Real Sociedad is preparing for a rematch against Paris Saint-Germain. The French champions proudly defended their stadium in the first match, which ended in a 2:0 victory. Until the 58th minute, it looked undecided, but then Kylian Mbappé broke through the defense with a great goal. Real Sociedad has reached the last 16 for the first time under their current name. Will fortune favor them and defend their stadium, or will your bet go towards the Parisian champions?

Today’s matches will be very tense and adrenaline will definitely not be spared. If you have your favorite, ChampionBet offers the best odds for your ticket. Will Bayern Munich show resilience and turn Lazio’s lead around? And what about Real Sociedad? Can the team still turn the whole game around, or is PSG’s victory already decided? We will see all this in today’s UEFA Champions League matches!

Round of 16 Continues Tomorrow!

And don’t forget to come back to us tomorrow! The Champions League continues and we will be there again. If you want to keep up to date, follow our ChampionBet blog regularly and get the latest information from the most prestigious football leagues and the world of casinos. The fun is guaranteed!

The Manchester derby is upon us! Who’s your pick for the win?

Manchester City Vs Manchester United

The time is here to see who’ll be the top in the city. Yes, you got it. It’s the 27th round of the Premier League with the big derby between Manchester City and Manchester United. ChampionBet is all in for this huge game – it’s going to be a tight one. Got your bet ready? The action starts at 4:30 PM at the Etihad Stadium!

Manchester City is sitting second in the Premier League table, just a point shy of the top spot held by Liverpool. They’ve been unbeaten in their last five matches. Manchester United is at the sixth spot with 44 points, their last league match against Fulham ended in a 2-1 loss. But, they bagged a win in their last FA Cup game against Nottingham. Who’s going to be the city’s champ in tonight’s match?

Today’s Derby: The Stats Breakdown

When City hosts United, the game often ends in a 0-1 win for the visitors. But lately, City’s been turning the tables, showing off some stellar performances. They haven’t lost in their last 18 games, boasting an impressive run of 37 home games without defeat. Meanwhile, United is riding a six-game winning streak away from home, adding more spice to this intense face-off.

Players to watch in City’s camp include Rodri and Kevin De Bruyne, who are expected to make a big splash. And let’s not overlook United’s Bruno Fernandes – he’s a game changer.

Manchester Derby

Derby day is more than climbing the league table; it’s about asserting dominance in the city. City’s eyeing the top spot to keep their home ground a fortress. United, on a high from their recent form and past wins in these matchups, sees a prime chance to climb higher and make a bold statement.

City or United: Where’s Your Bet?

So, who’s your pick for today’s derby? Both teams bring a lot to the table, but City’s unbeaten streak and home advantage might tilt the odds in their favor. Can City keep their unbeaten run going, or will United shake things up and steal the win? We’ll find out this afternoon at the Etihad Stadium.

Keep up with all things Premier League and more by sticking with our ChampionBet blog!

Premier League’s Best Coaches! Do You Know Them?

History & Heroes of the Premier League Part. 3: The era of great coaches

There are always more people behind the success of great feats and performances. Football can be a beautiful example of how important it is for multiple players to work together. Without that, it just can’t happen. It’s just that behind great success there are often other people who are not as visible, even though their skills, skill and presence are absolutely essential. In football, they’re called coaches, and we’re going to talk a little more about them today in our third episode of History & Heroes of the Premier League.

Legends as football directors

Think of the Premier League as a great series that is directed by coaches. Each of them has their own vision, style and strategy. They are absolutely inseparable. Take Arsène Wenger, who is one of the most successful coaches of all time. He has been at Arsenal for the longest time and has led the club to eleven major trophies since 1996. He is also responsible for the transformation of English football in the second half of the 1990s, when he introduced many changes in the training methods and lifestyle of his players and promoted a mindset focused on entertaining the game.

Another enduring figure in the Premier League and the history of football in general is Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson. He served as head coach of Manchester United, which he led to great success. He won 13 league titles and also won the Champions League twice. There is a stand at Old Trafford named after him.

Shaping the legacy of the Premier League

In their own way, the Premier League‘s greatest coaches have shaped how the whole competition currently operates and what it features. Just take José Mourinho, whose charisma and controversies have heightened the competitive spirit during his tenures at Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham. Or Pep Guardiola, with his philosophy of beautiful, attacking football that has left an indelible mark on Manchester City and the league.

Heavy metal on the playground

That being said, all of these essential masters of their field have created a footprint that defines the evolution of the entire Premier League (not just) while inspiring a new generation of coaches. For example, the current Liverpool coach, Jürgen Klopp, created a style of football called ‘heavy metal’, which is a high-intensity, counter-attacking style of play. However, this is just one of his tactical dogmas that he teaches teams under his tutelage to play. The current season is likely to be his last, as he announced in January that he would retire from Liverpool after this season.

The current Bayern Munich coach, Thomas Tuchel, also made a name for himself with his tactical prowess at Chelsea. He was in the Champions League final with French side PSG in 2020 and won the Champions League with Chelsea in 2021. However, his tenure at Bayern Munich will end after this season. Who will be under his tutelage next season?

Premier League with ChampionBet

If you’re interested in the deeper history of England’s most prestigious league, follow our ChampionBet blog regularly! We regularly bring you news from the top football leagues as well as interesting facts from the casino world. You’ll always be closer to winning with us!

The 26th round of the Premier League has arrived! Have you placed your bet on your favourite team?

Arsenal vs. Newcastle: Clash of the Titans at Emirates Stadium

The current round of the Premier League shines brightly, presenting us with six significant matches that will shape the future trajectory of this esteemed English league. At ChampionBet, our anticipation peaks for the evening’s finale, set for 9pm at the Emirates Stadium. Indeed, we are poised for the Arsenal vs. Newcastle showdown.

Arsenal in Fine Form on Home Soil

Arsenal, occupying the third spot in the Premier League standings, trails Manchester City by a mere point. Following a less-than-stellar Champions League outing, Gunners appears determined to secure victory at all costs. With a streak of five consecutive wins, the Gunners seem invincible.

In contrast, Newcastle holds the eighth position, with their defence in need of tightening. However, their recent performances hint at recovery from a year marred by defeats, suggesting a resurgence. The question looms: Can Arsenal safeguard their home ground at the Emirates Stadium, or will Newcastle deliver a surprise?

Reflecting on Their Last Encounter

The teams’ previous clash in November at Newcastle’s home ground was a nail-biter, decided by Anthony Gordon’s decisive goal for Arsenal, edging Newcastle out with a 1-0 victory. Given Arsenal’s impeccable form, today’s match is steeped in unpredictability, with Gunners eager to amend for their past loss.

Despite Newcastle’s commendable attack, their current defensive woes are apparent. At ChampionBet, we anticipate a high-scoring affair from Arsenal. Will you back the Gunners today?

Reasons to Bet on Arsenal:

Regardless of the outcome, tonight promises to be a spectacular Premier League showdown. Whether you’re rooting for Gunners, Newcastle, or simply cherish the sport, tonight’s match is unmissable. Fancy a wager? Arsenal’s current form makes for a compelling bet. Stay informed by regularly following our ChampionBet blog, your first stop for updates from the major football leagues!