July 21, 2024
  • iMoon Crash Royal Tournament for 125,000 GHS Every Week!

    Vibrant promotional banner for the iMoon Crash Royale Weekly Tournament featuring a cosmic theme with an astronaut holding a trophy, planets, and the prize amount of 125,000 GHS prominently displayed.
    May 15, 2024
    Author: Mawuli

    Have you played the new Crash Games at our casino?

    Win big with Crash Royal every week for a chance at 125,000 GHS!

    This month, ChampionBet has expanded its offerings of Crash Games, which are among our most popular casino games. While some might prefer classic slot games, the thrill of multiplying in the high adrenaline heights of Crash Games is something special.

    New Crash Games at ChampionBet Casino

    You’ll currently find Crash 1917, Crash 3DX, Crash Dragon Flare, and Crash Royal in our lineup. If you love Crash Games but find Aviator or Spaceman a bit too familiar or repetitive, our four new additions will certainly put a smile on your face and a hefty sum in your pocket.

    iMoon Crash Royal Tournament Every Week!

    But that’s not all; in collaboration with iMoon, we’ve launched a brand-new tournament on ChampionBet Casino that will run every week from now on, indefinitely!

    125,000 GHS will be up for grabs each week, distributed among the top 10 players with the highest payout multipliers in Crash Royal. Every player who wants to join our Crash Royal tournament must play at least with a minimum bet of 10 GHS. The best winners will be rewarded every Monday after the week has ended.

    More Tournaments on the Horizon

    And we’re not stopping with just one tournament. Starting tomorrow, I look forward to the kick-off of a new Pragmatic Play tournament! There’s always something happening at ChampionBet Casino, and we’re currently preparing reviews of our new Crash Games to ensure you have all the necessary information for a comfortable gaming experience.

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